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Being based in Wickford, Essex, DC Digital is perfectly located to partner with companies in South Essex and London. Our founder, David Cooper, has several years of experience building and managing Facebook pages with hundreds of thousands of followers.

To stand out DC Digital has to offer something that other social media management companies aren't. We strive for a personal service. But what does this mean? It means we visit you, learn about your business and make our presence known, as opposed to hiding behind a screen and editing your logo onto a generic Canva template.


Social media management is what we do best. Our staff will often travel to your business's premises to take photos, videos and drone shots to create the best content for your social media accounts.

We take a multi-pronged approach to social media management. We do not limit ourselves to just posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms at our client's request. Our price plans often included additional services such as website management, Google My Business optimisation, paid advertising, blog writing and more.

Please enjoy the following video showcasing our Drone service which is included in all social media management plans through DC Digital

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